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Enable autocomplete for JSF in Eclipse

The autocomplete is not presented with Eclipse to discover the classes annotated with the @ManagedBean in the XHTML pages. Fortunately, JBoss Tools plugin enables to by installing the JBoss Tools JSF as shown in the bellow screenshot. This is the link  for installing the JBoss Tools for Eclipse Luna. Update: I have tried the latest Eclipse Mars and I figured out that Eclipse made things easier for us as developers. Now Eclipse Mars is delivered with support for autocomplete of the JSF Managed Beans. That's cool!

Weekly Readings - Week Ending 25 September 2015

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Weekly Readings

I will start to post weekly posts about readings (that could be articles, technical documentations, references, technical questions ... etc) that I have gone through during every week. This would be useful to share with you what other people wrote about some technical stuff. I hope this would be useful in a way or another :)