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Tips: Some common Git commands

- git status - Revert deleting a file git reset HEAD <file> - Checking out git checkout <branch_or_tag> - Check the difference between the origin and the remote: git diff origin/Nightly - git add - git add . - git push origin <branch> - git commit -a -m "message" - git checkout <branch> - git log - git checkout -- . - git pull origin - git cherry-pick <commit_id> - git reset HEAD~ - git log -p filename - Hard reset git reset --hard origin/Nightly - Clean the untracked files/directories git clean -f -d - git fetch --all - git reset --hard origin/master

Tips: Few common Docker commands and tutorials

- Install docker compose - List all running containers docker ps - List all the running and non-running containers docker ps -a - List all images in repository docker images or docker images -a - Display the logs docker logs <container_name> - Display the current running containers docker ps -q - Stop all the running containers docker stop $(docker ps -q) - Remove the container docker rm - Remove the image docker rmi - Can't remove container while it's running. You should stop and then remove - Docker tutorials - Starting docker compose docker-compose up -d - Stopping docker compose docker-compose down

Tip: Configure using Meld Diff Viewer for git diff and git difftool

Run the below two commands for configuring Git to use Meld Diff Viewer on Ubuntu Linux: git config --global diff.tool meld git config --global difftool.prompt false